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The pages of this website contain the fruits of our labor, or better said, our passion. I have been in the business of beauty since 1974, continually seeking natural alternatives for hair care.

Introduced to Aromatherapy in 1986 my path became clear. I soon immersed myself into research. Encouraged I began to blend, mix, infuse, and apply these creams and tonics to our clients at the Linda Kammins Salon in Los Angeles.
Inspired by the results and the positive feedback from our customers, we ventured into the mail order business.
Our Aromatherapy Beauty Products have since come into their own.
So with special thanks to my daughter Tobianne, and our family, we are delighted to bring forth and share with you the freshest, finest quality all natural Aromatherapy Beauty products available.

For happier and healthier living. -Linda Kammins

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